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Simple Gifts

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2017 (appx. 22 mins) commissioned by and for the London Chamber Orchestra and all the young Music Junction performers 1 – Circles and Symmetries 2 – Invention 1 – The … Continue reading

Five Illusions for Orchestra

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2015 (appx 17″) Maze Lake Towers Nocturne Puzzle 4. 3. 3. 3 – – hp, celeste, 3 perc., – standard strings Programme Note: The birth of this score has … Continue reading

A Pilgrim of Angkor

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(after the book by Pierre Loti) The final work in the cycle of large pieces based on the architecture of South East Asia, this piece derives its form from the … Continue reading

Borodubur – Temple of the Secret Aspect

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Based on the architectural design and narrative carvings of the immense Javanese monument 1987 (appx. 32’) – – 2hp, celeste, 5 perc, – This large scale work … Continue reading


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1983 (appx 7’) – hp, celeste, 3 perc. Strings This early work is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous Jabberwocky from ‘Through the Looking Glass’. It is suitable for … Continue reading