Paul Max EdlinComposer | Artistic Director | Lecturer | Performer

2007 (approx 7’)
Soprano Saxophone and 5-octave bass marimba
Commissioned by Snapdragon

Programme Note:

This work was composed with the lyrical and mellifluous sounds Sarah Field produces on her soprano saxophone. That said, all sorts of other influences began to emerge: the idea of the Phoenix, and its playfulness and the mystery associated with such a beautiful mythical creature. Then the idea of flames, regeneration and transformation seeped in. Finally, Angkor (a place which has haunted me and pervaded my music for many years) impacted. The Garuda (the Khmers’ own mythical bird) and the images of Apsaras (heavenly dancers) that richly grace the walls of the great exotic Khmer temples all played their part. The main notes of the work are derived from the musical equivalents to the word ‘PHOENIX’. Those notes are transformed in multifarious ways (turned inside-out and upside-down, etc) and the harmonies, and the ways in which material is developed, all stems from this original pattern of notes. The work is dedicated to the two musicians who I so admire, and who very kindly asked me to write it.

© Paul Max Edlin 2007

Perusal score available on request and on deposit

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